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WT5105 is a Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) SOC with SIG-Mesh
RoHS Package : QFN32/48

Key Feature
  • ARM Cortex-M0 32-bit processor

  • Memory
    512KB Flash
    128KB ROM
    138K SRAM
    8-channel DMA

  • 33/19 GPIO
    All pins can be configured as serial interface and programmable IO MUX function mapping
    All pins can be configured for wake-up
    18 pins for triggering interrupt
    3 quadrature decoder(QDEC)
    6-channel PWM
    4-channel I2S
    2-channel PDM
    2-channel I2C
    2-channel SPI
    1-channel UART

  • DMIC/AMIC with microphone bias

  • 8-channel 12bit ADC with low noise voice PGA

  • 4-channel 24bit timer, one watchdog timer

  • Real timer counter (RTC)

  • Power, clock, reset controller

  • Flexible power management
    Supply voltage range 1.8V to 3.6V
    Embedded buck DC-DC and LDOs
    Battery monitor: Supports low battery detection

  • Power consumption
    0.7μA @ OFF Mode (IO wake up only)
    2μA @ Sleep Mode with 32KHz RTC
    Receiver: 6.7mA sensitivity level
    Transmitter: 6.7mA 0dBm TX power

  • High Speed Throughput
    Support BLE 2Mbps Protocal
    Support Data Length Extension
    Throughput up to 1.6Mbps(DLE+2Mbps)

  • Support SIG-Mesh Multi-Feature
    Friend Node
    Low Power Node
    Proxy Node
    Relay Node

  • AES-128 encryption hardware

  • Operating temperature: -40 ℃~125℃

  • RoHS Package: QFN48/ QFN32

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