• The chart widget icon is as shown in the figure below.

1. Create a chart widget

  • ① Click the chart icon to create a chart widget.

  • ② The chart widget ID.

  • ③ Editing area: The position and size of the widget can be modified by dragging and dropping it.

  • ④ Properties-Basic:

    • ID: chart_08e1 is the ID number of the chart widget.
    • Width, Height: set the size of the chart widget.
    • X, Y: its coordinate position in the display area.
    • Alignment (in order): left alignment, horizontal center alignment, right alignment, top alignment, vertical center alignment, bottom alignment.
  • ⑤ Properties-X/Y:

    • Start value: the start value in X/Y direction.
    • End value: the end value in X/Y direction.
    • Number of division line: the number of division line in X/Y direction.
  • ⑥ Content:

  • Parent widget: set the parent object and the chart widget is the child object of the selected ID.
  • Needle color: the color of the dotted lines in the X / Y directions of a chart widget.
  • Text color: the text color of the labels in a chart.
  • Background color: the background color of a chart widget.
  • Opacity: the background opacity of a chart widget.
  • Border size: the border size of a chart widget.
  • Object: It represents a data line in a chart.
  • List item: It represents a data point on the corresponding data line.
  • Demo:

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