Update log

Update time Update content Link Remarks
July 12, 2021 Added search function in Blockly 👉Search Bar
June 23, 2021 Added gesture acquisition
June 21, 2021 Added C3 to support standard serial displays
June 17, 2021 Added the hardware option of esp32-240*240-st7789 watch screen
June 15, 2021 Added 8ms animation content 👉Widgets Anime
June 11, 2021 Preset 👉Preset Modified and optimized it
June 11, 2021 Modified the WiFi block 👉WIFI Added authmode configuration for wifi
June 11, 2021 Modified the HTTP block 👉HTTP Added callback for http request
June 4, 2021 The feature of version management is released. This feature will only be available to the enterprise version in the future.
June 1, 2021 VIP users are supported for Git compilation and submission to Git repository. Users can contact our business staff to open the corresponding project features.
May 28, 2021 Upload custom source code 👉Upload custom source code
May 18, 2021 Image encoding mode 👉Image encoding mode
May 10, 2021 Added ESP32-S2 320*320 hardware support
May 10, 2021 Preset Preset added
April 29, 2021 Version update
April 28, 2021 Resources management 👉Resources management
April 15, 2021 Custom code 👉Custom code
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