The process of connecting a third-party development board to the 8ms platform is as follows:

  • Implement the UI, hardware and application interfaces defined by the platform.
  • Submit the corresponding samples to the platform for evaluation.
  • Open source the relevant code for local development by developers.
  • After the verification is passed, it can be put on the platform.

The specific access instructions are as follows:

  1. Prepare a set of application template project based on C language。 The relevant agreements in the project are as follows:
  • The build directory is used to store the compiled output files. The final firmware is stored in the build directory. If webusb programming is needed, there can only be one firmware.
  • The user code generated by the platform is stored in the main directory.
  • Provide the relevant make compilation parameters.
  1. The project needs to transplant LittlevGL7.6 (
  2. Obtain the latest hardware, application statistics, and interface documents of the platform, and implement them. (If you only develop UI, the interface section can be skipped.)
  3. Pair entry function.
    The boot animation containing 8ms is called after the relevant initialization is completed(The process is necessary and can not be skipped, the relevant code can be obtained from our technical personnel.)
    void lvgl_blockly_init(void);
    void lvgl_device_init(void);
    and callback in the message loop.
    void lvgl_device_loop(void);
    void lvgl_blockly_loop(void);
    Related header files can be obtained from the technical staff.
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