VS Code IDF software environment construction

1. The size of vs code installation package is about 60m. It supports the installation of various extensions.

Download URL: https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/?dv=win

2. Download the espressif IDF extension.

3. After downloading, press Ctrl+Shift+p and enter: espidf configure extension->Enter, you can proceed to the IDF extension configuration interface.

  1. You need to install Git and Python applications in advance (if you have already installed Git or Python in your computer, you don’t need to reinstall it, VScode will automatically find the software installation path, provided you have not modified the software directory after installation).
  2. Choose to show on boarding on Visual Studio start or not.
  3. Where to save configuratino settings?
    Notes: Python version requirements: Python 3.7 +; GIT no version restrictions.
    When installing python, remember to check enabling global variables file. If you forget to check it, you can add a new one in the global variable path.
    After installing Git/Python and ESP_IDF dependent package on the PC, click START.

4. After entering the Python path selection interface, if you have downloaded other versions of Python, VScode will list the installation paths one by one. You can go to “My Computer” to check whether the path exists and confirm the Python version number.

5. Download Online. You can choose the version you want to install, choose the download directory, and then click ‘Click here to download’ to start downloading and installing.

6. Download ESP-IDF Tools.

7. Verify ESP-IDF Tools.

8. Compile the first project-HELLO_WORLD.

9. Programming to ESP32 hardware platform.

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