New Project

There are two ways to create a new project, as shown below.

1. Create a new project from New Project Wizard

  • Click “Workbench” in the upper right corner.

  • Click “New”, and the new project wizard will pop up.

  • Select a chip, enter a project name, describe and select the corresponding hardware, and click Confirm to complete the project creation.

  • After the project is created, select the corresponding project in My Project, and click to enter the project. Currently, the hardware options mainly correspond to different screen sizes, so they also correspond to different canvas sizes.

2. Clone a project from the App store

  • Click the clone icon in the recommended project to clone this project into My Project.

  • After clicking the clone icon, the cloned project appears in My Project, which indicates the clone’s successful.

文档更新时间: 2021-06-25 15:06   作者:plj