Introduction to 8ms GUI Development Platform

8ms GUI development platform is a web-based visual design system for UI and applications of embedded or MCU terminals, which can improve the versatility of peripheral application and UI. You can edit interfaces and write logic code by dragging a mouse or using a touch screen. Low code or even zero code is used in the design and development of applications and UI.

Currently, the platform supports ESP32, Sigmastar SSD201 and Unisound’s Hummingbird & Hummingbird M. The GUI library is based on littlevGL7.6 and the code logic is based on Google’s Blockly.


Free of charge

One-stop development of GUI + logic function

Drag and drop, visualization

Rapid product development with zero code




Zero code


Currently supported platforms:

  • Espressif ESP32
  • SigmaStar SSD201

Platforms planned to be supported:

  • Espressif ESP32-S2 ESP32-S3
  • Rockchip RK3308
  • Microbit
  • Arduino
  • Allwinner
  • Nordic

Shenzhen Wireless-Tag Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes domestic chip manufacturers to contact us for docking requirements of chip platforms.

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