1. Create a MsgBox widget

1-Create a MsgBox widget

2-The MsgBox widget ID

2. Steps for use

2.1 Add a button and set the style for the widget

①The position of the MsgBox widget ②Alignment ②The size of the MsgBox widget can be changed by dragging its border


  • ID:msgbox_b540 is the ID of the MsgBox widget
  • X、Y:its coordinate position in the work area
  • Alignment (in order): left alignment, horizontal center alignment, right alignment, top alignment, vertical center alignment, bottom alignment


  • Background color: the background color of the MsgBox widget
  • Message: set the prompt text for the MsgBox widget
  • Text color: set the display color of the prompt message
  • Font size: set the font size of the prompt message
  • Add button: you can set the label content for a button

3. Demo

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