1. Create a list widget

① Create a list

② List widget ID

③ Add content to a list item

2. Widget properties


  • ID: list_f5df is the unique ID number of the list widget

  • X, Y: its position in the display area

  • Width, Height: the size of a list widget

  • Alignment (in order):left alignment, horizontal center alignment, right alignment, top alignment, vertical center alignment, bottom alignment


  • Parent widget: set the parent object, and the list widget is its child object

  • Background color: the background color of the list widget area

  • Pressed color: the color of the list item being pressed

  • Text color: the display color of the entered text in the display area

  • Border color: the border color of the list widget

List item:

  • Text: input text displayed in a list item

  • File: upload an image file

3. Blockly—List

3.1 Get the content of the selected list item

Choose UI objects: choose a list ID created in Layout-Designer

Example: bind list id: list_f5df

Click “{} code” to view the code:

① Enable Blockly function


③ List widget ID

④ Get the text of a list item

4. Implement an List example with Blockly(ssd201)

Example description: click a list item to get the text and display it in the label in real time.

  • UI design

  • Create a list widget

  • Create a label widget

  • Blockly implementation

    ① Note: only for a list widget

  • Demonstration

5. Download and analyze the source code of the project

  • Zip files

  • qm_ui_entry.c analysis

Relevant variable declaration

① Entry function
② Create objects
③ Create widgets
④ Style

Blockly logic implementation

create a list and set the style

create a label and set the style

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