1. Create an image widget

① Create an image widget

② The image widget ID

③ Add an image file

2. Steps for use

2.1 Add an image and set the widget style

① The coordinate position of an image widget

② Alignment

③ You can change the size of the widget by dragging its border directly.


  • ID: image_388f is the unique ID number of the image widget

  • X, Y: its coordinate position in the display area

  • Alignment (in order): left alignment, horizontal center alignment, right alignment, top alignment, vertical center alignment, bottom alignment


  • File: set the display content of the image widget. The user can click “File” to select an image file to be displayed

  • Parent widget: set the parent object, and the image widget is its child object

  • Image mask color: set the display color of an image

  • Opacity: set the display opacity of an image

  • Animation: animation can be achieved by adding multiple frames to the image widget

3. Demo

Opacity: 0-primary color

Opacity: 100

Opacity: 255

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